Root Canal therapy Post-operative Instructions

Root canal therapy often takes three appointments to complete. A temporary filling is placed to protect the tooth between appointments. It is common (and not a problem) for a small portion of your temporary filling to wear away or break off between appointments. Avoid sticky foods and chew on the other side of your mouth. If the entire filling falls out, call us so that it can be replaced.

It is normal to experience some discomfort for 2-3 days following your appointment, especially when chewing. To control discomfort, take mild pain medication such as nurofen or Panadol. Call us if the pain increases or if swelling occurs. The tooth may even remain sensitive for a time after the treatment is completed. If sensitivity persists and does not seem to be getting better even several weeks after the root canal therapy is completed please call our clinic for an appointment.

If antibiotics are prescribed, continue to take them until the end, even if all symptoms and signs of infections are gone. It’s important to continue to brush and floss regularly.
Usually, the last step after a root canal treatment is the placement of a crown on the tooth. Since teeth with root canal therapies are more susceptible to fracture than other teeth, a crown (or a cusp-covering filling) will cover and protect the tooth from breaking in the future.