Caring For Your Dentures

Clean your denture regularly. Plaque and calculus (“tartar”) build up on dentures as easily as they do on natural teeth and can cause decay to the remaining teeth and gum disease.

Remove your denture every night or at least for some period of times during the day. Over time, the bone in the jaw will shrink. Giving the bone a rest from “loading” will help to slow down the process. Brush your teeth and gums with a soft toothbrush. If your toothbrush causes irritation, try moistened gauze.

Soak your denture in a solution of ½  warm water and ½ of vinegar or use denture cleanser. Never use regular toothpaste or other abrasive to clean your denture. Doing so will take away the luster and may cause them to stain easily. The use of dishwashing liquid will help to keep the brilliance and appearance of the denture for a long time. Do not leave your denture in dry conditions, Leave them in water.

If your dentures are damaged, call us to organize for a repair.  Do not try to repair them yourself and never use “super-glue”, because it is TOXIC.

Do a self examination regularly. Call for an appointment if you find some swelling, redness or white patches. Sores that don’t heal in a few days. Visit us regularly. Even if you have dentures, your gums need examination just like your teeth. Your denture may also need adjusting from time to time. Be aware that dentures should be changed (or at least relined) around every five years or at least reline. This can prevent major changes in the bone that supports your gums. This is particularly true for the lower jaw.