Children’s Dentistry

childrens_dentistryAt Dental Care Solutions we can accommodate appointments for children using the latest technologies, to make even the youngest child feel comfortable and at home during their visit.

Oral health is critical to your child’s growth and development, general health and self-esteem.

Visiting the dentist at an early age is important in order to identify any problems in your child’s jaw growth and development as well detecting any early signs of poor oral hygiene and decay.  It also helps to develop a positive relationship with our dentist from an early age, setting them up for a lifetime of good habits.

Dr. Rabeeh regularly cares for the dental needs of children as young as three years old. However, if you notice that your child has a problem with his or her teeth or gums prior to this age, please schedule an appointment. You may also want to bring your child to your dental check-up when he or she is about two so that your child can become familiar with the sights, sounds, and friendly helpers in our dental office. We call this a Happy Visit. Your child’s independent check-up at age three will involve a tooth-by-tooth inspection and periodontal exam. Dr. Rabeeh will check for proper development, as well as tooth decay and other areas of concern. Because most bottled water does not contain fluoride, your child may be deficient in this essential mineral. Fluoride attracts other minerals to strengthen tooth enamel and ward off cavities. Sealants and fluoride supplements are quick and easy protective measures that can save your little one from cavities.

A morning appointment is ideal so your child is not tired and we are able to explain the procedures in a way they will understand and make them feel comfortable. It is important for young children to start visiting our dental team on a regular basis; from around age 2. Children’s teeth (often called milk teeth) are not the same as Adult teeth and are more porous, so decay can spread more rapidly into the nerve. They are also in a constant state of movement (as are most children!) as they grow, so for these reasons we recommend that your children come in every twelve months to have their mouth checked and teeth cleaned. We want to spot any problems before they develop, so this is why we advise coming in regularly.

At an appropriate age, we will educate your child on the correct brushing and flossing techniques and know that an early start will assist with their oral health routine throughout life. We are dedicated to making your child’s appointment a fun experience so they become enthusiastic about attending future appointments so they can keep their smile healthy for life.

At Dental Care Solutions, we want your kids to stay with us as their family dentists for life. So, Dr. Rabeeh will take the time and care to help your children learn the importance of optimal oral health from a young age. In some cases, we refer children to paediatric dentists, who are specialists in children’s dentistry. We will help you make the best choices for your child’s unique and precious personality.