Family/General Dentistry

Your family deserves dental care that can address their issues without costing the earth. Our range of services and non-invasive treatments will keep you smiling for years to come. Providing on-going care, Dr. Rabeeh can help you maintain the lustre of your teeth through personalized advice and care.

At Dental Care Solutions, Dr. Rabeeh places strong emphasis on educating patients to understand and appreciate good preventative oral care. Daily proper oral hygiene and healthy nutrition are fundamental in maintaining oral health. Here we believe that regular visits to the dental office for cleaning and examinations give the dentist an opportunity to detect serious conditions or diseases in their early stages, thereby offering a better chance for an effective cure. By offering preventative dental services, Dr. Rabeeh ensures that the patients’ health is maintained not only with minimal financial investment on small and safer procedures, but also by avoiding more invasive and costly treatments that are a consequence of neglect.