crownsAlso referred to as “caps,” crowns are commonly used to repair and protect broken, decayed, or worn teeth. If you choose to have a crown, after discussion with Dr. Rabeeh, she will begin by preparing your tooth for the crown.  In order for your crown to be placed, the surface of your tooth is removed to make space for the crown to fit over the top. Once the tooth has been prepared for the dental crown, Dr. Rabeeh will make an impression of the tooth and send it to a dental lab where your crown will be made.

While your crown is being made, you will be fitted with a temporary crown.  When the crown is returned from the dental lab, the temporary will be removed and the crown will be bonded to your tooth.

There are different types of crowns that can be used depending on your situation.  Dr. Rabeeh will discuss your options and determine the type of crown that is most suitable for you.

The appearance of a crown can vary significantly depending on the dentist, laboratory, and materials used. We realize that beautiful restorations are an art and a science, and we are committed to employing only the finest materials and using trusted dental laboratories in Australia when creating your beautiful restorations. Dr. Rabeeh can personalize the size, shape, colour and translucency of your porcelain crown to preserve your natural-looking smile right here in our Hornsby Dental Practice.