Other Aspects

Sterilisation and Safety

Your safety is a major priority for us and we strictly adhere to our high standards of sterilization and hygiene. Professional and meticulous, we follow and exceed current Australian dental guidelines and are rigorous in regularly maintaining our sophisticated equipment. The process of sterilisation at Dental Care Solutions is constantly subjected to control and monitoring.

We use the most advanced methods of sterilization and disinfection available for your safety and the protection of your health.

We meet or exceed all guidelines of professional organizations and government regulations. Some of the techniques routinely used include:

  • Extensive use of disposable supplies, used once and discarded
  • Meticulous cleaning of all instruments prior to sterilization in an ultrasonic machine, followed by inspection and additional cleansing of each instrument by hand prior to sterilization.
  • Sterilization of all instruments, including dental hand pieces in computer monitored autoclaves.
  • Routine maintenance of all instruments and equipment as recommended by manufacturers.
  • Sterilization of non-disposable plastic instruments by immersion in hospital grade sterilizing fluid for 15 hours. (exceeding the methods used in hospitals for surgical instruments and laproscopes).