Dental Care Solutions
Awarded QIP Accreditation

QIP Accredited

“Achieving accreditation demonstrates a commitment to the provision of excellent dental care and continuous quality improvement within the dental practice”- Quality Innovation Practice

Currently, it is not mandatory for dental practices in New South Wales to become accredited. However, Dr Rabeeh Bahrampourian and the team at Dental Care Solutions in Hornsby believe that it is imperative to not only provide the best dental care, but also to be accountable and self-reflective about all of the processes that concern patient relations, health and safety and legislative governance and to strive for perfection and improvement wherever they see the need.

Being a QIP Accredited practice means that Dental Care Solutions’ valued patients, benefit from a number of governing policies that are put in place to provide a working model for best practice. One such policy, for example, allows us to utilise scrupulously observed infection control practices whenever you visit. All staff are conversant with the requirements of infection control set out by the relevant governing bodies both nationally and at state level and all staff receive regular training and updates in this critical area of patient care.

What Accreditation Means for You:

Accreditation is a voluntary step that dental practices can take. It is not something that every dentist has to have to practice in New South Wales Australia. Instead, it is something that can help you decide which dentist to choose. 

An accredited dentist means the dentist:

  • Has implemented a culture of quality care and patient safety
  • Has met the requirements based on a defined criteria and set of standards that all practices can be judged equally against
  • Works to reduce clinical and other risks by:
  • Addressing medication risks
  • Working to control infection
  • Adhering to procedures to ensure optimal patient outcome with evidence based practice
  • Engages the entire staff in safety protocols

In other words, accreditation means that Dental Care Solutions has been thoroughly evaluated from a quality and safety standpoint.

Accreditation is also not just a one-time application. It is something that must be maintained continuously, so when you see the QIP symbol, you know that a dental practice is being constantly monitored to ensure the quality of care remains high.

What Accreditation Means for Us—Dental Care Solutions’ Team: 

This is a significant achievement for our practice and we are very proud to make this announcement. We are committed to ongoing improvement of the policies and procedures that govern our dental practice. In this way, we can provide assurance to patients, staff, colleagues and peers that we have a strong commitment to quality and safety and, through this, a strong commitment to the best interests of our patients.